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Monday, 11 April 2011

More chicks....

So much for my plans to update my blog more often - its been a month and those cute fluffy chicks on the previous post are now huge, or at least some of them are.

10 days ago
The Maran chicks are now almost too strong to hold, still not sure exactly how many are boys and girls, but think its about half a dozen of each (hopefully).  Some are so big they must be cockerels, standing much taller and chunkier built, but who knows!  They look scruffy now with half new feathers and half fluff.

Taken today
A couple of days old

My little brown bird I helped hatch is so friendly, probably because I pick it up a couple of times a day.  When I put my hand in the box it sometimes actually jumps into my hand.  Its grown a lot in a month as the two photos show.

So cute and posing for the camera!  

In the past month we have hatched just over a dozen more chicks, some which hatched overnight.  Three fitted into my hand with room to spare. 

Hatched overnight

We have purchased a few more bantums, including cockerals.  This fine gentleman keeps his ladies well
under control.

I remember when my blog used to be about knitting.... well here are a few chicks of the woolly variety complete with bantum eggs.

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Delighted Hands said...

Adorable-seems like my human chicks grew that fast, too! I liked the last pic-too cute!