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Wednesday, 16 March 2011

We have chicks...!

After what seemed like a very long 21 days, our first chick appeared early on Saturday morning, with a second hatching just before I had to leave for work - I wanted to stay and watch!  We had moved some of the eggs into the yellow hatcher which gave me a chance to take some photos before we put the lid back on.
All ready

Our first arrivals

Some eggs were already cracking open

First chicks in their new home

More chicks
We are pleased that we ended up with 3 Pekin bantums and 13 Marans.  No idea as yet as to whether we have any hens - just hope we dont have 16 cockerels.....

My favourite bantum is the one I helped out of its shell, I thought it had no hope of surviving but when I got home it was running around lovely and fluffy.
My little rescued chick - just look at those fluffy feet!

I love the colours on this one

But they are all cute

Another 24 eggs due to hatch from this coming weekend, all good fun...

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Delighted Hands said...

Just too cute! You will so enjoy them-congratulations!