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Sunday, 4 July 2010

Bit of this and bit of that.....

Another busy week, work was hot.... but enjoyable as always.  I've learnt my lesson from last weekend though and keep covered up in the sun (and wear my silly straw hat at work).

I had thought that maybe I had planted too many sweetpeas (5 packets) but no, I've decided you can't have too many sweetpeas.  I'm picking a whole vase full daily, and still they come.

My peas are hanging heavy on the plants, they are so sweet to eat, and the potatoes are delicious. 

Work is progressing inside the house - the plasterers are finished and the walls are drying out and are ready to paint.  The kitchen floor tiles are going to be laid today, just got to decide where to start!

I've even found some time to do knitting this week, finishing a dishcloth for someone at work.  Its a beach umbrella, honest - pattern is from the July 2009 KAL I belong to on Yahoo.

Last night we went over to see the reindeer - Horace has a really impressive set of antlers this year, but trying to get him to lift his head away from grazing was impossible!

And finally, a picture of my Cordyline in my existing back garden.  It started off in a small pot in 2000, was planted into position in 2002 and has grown a lot...!  The scent from the flowers is amazing in the evenings, and it is great for attracting the bees.  I will be sad to leave it when we move.

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Delighted Hands said...

Wow, so many neat things in this post! The reindeer is impressive-such amazing growth for one season! I love your tropical tree in the yard-a real beauty!