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Saturday, 10 July 2010

A real proper summer....

After the worst winter in years, we are having a real "proper" summer.  Three lovely weeks of warm temperatures and sunshine, surely a record for this part of the UK...!  Its too hot for working but great when you are out and about.

Yesterday Mum and I decided that housework could wait and we had lunch at Wroxham which is in the heart of the Norfolk Broads.

After a walk along the watersedge we then drove onto Ranworth and followed the boardwalk to the visitor centre at the end.  It was so warm! The geese and ducks were enjoying it.
The Mississippi style paddle steamer was also out, first time I've seen it in years.
It was lovely to just sit in the sun (Mum will have a fit that her photo is on the internet!).

We were on the look out for Swallowtail butterflies which apparently can be found in the area.  We didn't see any though.

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Delighted Hands said...

Store up the sunshine-soon it will be just a memory! What a beautiful place for an outing-glad you grabbed the moment!