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Thursday, 4 March 2010

Soggy weekend.....and a new job....

I'm a bit behind updating my blog as its been a busy week.   On Tuesday I started a new job at a local Garden Centre.  Its only part time but I'm looking forward to "getting my hands dirty" as I will be outside (under cover) most of the time.  Luckily the uniform includes a warm fleece for this time of year!

Last weekend it rained a lot and over at the new house we had a "bit of trouble" with the drains! 

There must have been a blockage somewhere along the road and our garden being at the low point of the road suffered!  

Luckily Neil had dug a soakaway for the gutters the day before so that took a lot of the water, otherwise it would be been much worse.  

Thankfully its all sorted now, and as we have had quite a bit of dry weather this week, it should be drying out nicely.   Good job we always wear Wellingtons over at the house!!!!

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