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Sunday, 7 March 2010

Newspaper of the day - John Wayne's 3rd wedding, and the new idea from Paris, the "clutch bag"

Ok, so its not today's newspaper, but the Daily Mirror from Saturday August 7th 1954.   The browned and torn newspaper what wrapped around some old water pipes under the floorboards in the house we are renovating.  Pity the whole newspaper wasn't there.

With a lovely article about John Wayne's third wedding, and a feature on the newest idea from Paris, the "clutch bag", complete with a pattern so you can make your own!

And anyone fancy building a new garage?  You can buy one 8'x 12' for just £30 in their sale, cheapest since 1939...!

Anyone heard of the "heart-throb" Dickie Valentine?  He was off to Paris on his honeymoon!

The house now has no ceilings and it odd to stand upstairs and look straight up into the loft and see the roof timbers!    As you can see at least the wood is in good condition, and the chimney is in one piece!  Thankfully Neil did all the dusty work, I spent the afternoon in my new greenhouse where it was a tropical 70 degrees.

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Delighted Hands said...

I sympathize with the is progress! Neat newspaper article!