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Friday, 11 February 2011

The end of an era

Today I received official notice that I am being made redundant from my "dream job" at the garden centre.  Its not just me, quite a few of us are going so its not been a good week.  I love that job and will have to make the most of my last three shifts.

I'm lucky as for the past couple of months I have had another part time job, just a few hours a week.  Its not enough but I'm lucky to have the job.....  I will find something else soon, I'm confident of that.

On a brighter note - at least it will leave me more time to organise my vegetable garden! Thanks to my propagators, my sweet peas are about an inch tall, broad beans are in, salad leaves and some herbs are through.  Spring is on the way (hopefully).

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Delighted Hands said...

Sorry about the job loss; will it give you some more knitting time? Hope you will find one that is just right for you soon.