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Monday, 21 June 2010

We have paint...... and huge potato plants.....

Yesterday we started painting upstairs at the new house now that the plaster has had a chance to dry out.

It was horrible watered down paint as it was the first coat, splashed everywhere, but the rooms look far better even just with one coat of wishy washy white.

The plasterers are back working again this week, but they still have all of the downstairs, plus the landing and stairs, so there is a lot left to do.

I left the men to paint yesterday so that I could work outside in the garden for a while.  My early crop potatoes are just coming into flower, but they are so tall, they obviously like the soil.... They are waist height already.
My pumpkin plants have baby pumpkins on them and in flower, plus my cucumbers and tomatoes are all flowering now.

And finally - any early birthday present from my eldest, a Trug, something I have always wanted.... Peas and lettuce picked yesterday.  They laughed when I took the photo, "what a surprise, she is taking a photo of it". Cheek!

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Delighted Hands said...

Beautiful the trug even tho I have never heard that word before! The house will move right along now!