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Thursday, 27 May 2010

Vegetables, progress and Larry the lettuce!

I love my vegetable garden!  Every evening and Sunday afternoons I'm busy in the garden - I have no idea where time goes and there is always something to be done.  I spent ages last night pricking out lettuce, beetroot, peppers and some tiny chilli plants.

The greenhouse is looking good, everything is growing well, and I've now got my "Tumbling Tom" tomatoes in the hanging baskets.  My "flower" hanging baskets are growing well in the greenhouse and will soon be ready to go out.

I have a new mobile phone with a 5 megpixel camera on it so have been trying it out on close ups -  I love the colours of these Petunias.

The grass in the back garden doesn't actually have all that much "grass" in it, its mainly wild flowers.  I need to get a photo of these "Fox and Cubs" when they are out, the bright orange flowers are stunning.  They don't show up so much when they are closed, but if you click on the photo you will see how many there are!

Enough about my garden as I bore everyone to tears with it at the moment....

Neil has been busy in the house - he has been boarding out the bathroom and fitted the shower in to see what it would look like (high.... but we are a pretty tall family).

Lets just hope that one day my dining room will look neater than it does now!

Hopefully the plastering will be started at the beginning of June, then my bedroom will look better too.
The chicken shed has been put in the orchard (ok so at the moment it is a large tatty empty shell, but one day it will be a smart chicken abode).  A coat of paint, some perches, and some nest boxes and they will love it.  We need to put some fences up to divide the area up too.  There are so many weeds and wild flowers in the orchard so I think we would do better with pigs rather than chickens (tried that one, and no, I'm not allowed a pig....).

The lilac is in full flower now and looks stunning.  Our neighbours also have a lilac and a red robin, so the colour look great with the fresh green leaves on the apples and pears.

And finally....  what started off as just a pot of lettuce was transformed into "Larry the lettuce" by Michael.... big kid...

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Delighted Hands said...

Beautiful gardening shots-Spring is in full swing for you! The Larry lettuce looks yummy!