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Thursday, 25 March 2010

Before and now pictures

We have now had the house we are renovating for 10 months, and although we sorted the garden out first, the house is now having our full attention.

I thought I would put some picture of what it did look like, and what its like now.  I can't wait to be in a position to put on "before and after" pictures when its all finished.... one day...

This is the main bedroom.  It looks far better without the mould in the corner. 

We had to remove the walls around the smallest bedroom as they were unstable, and new stud work walls are being put in.

The kitchen has been knocked through into the dining room.  Unfortunatly I didn't take a photo looking towards the dining room, this is the only one I have of the old kitchen.

The bathroom really is "the smallest room in the house".  How they managed to find such a tiny bath amazes me, we can only just fit in a standard sized shower cubicle!  It was only big enough to sit in, not lay down and have a relaxing bath!  The photo on the right shows just how small the space is (its behind the studwork).

I don't seem to have taken many pictures of the lounge, mainly because when we first got the house I really didnt like the room at all, it was gloomy and damp.  I did however take some photos of the fireplace.  We had to open it up so we can get a woodburner to fit in.  Luckily its the perfect size.

Looks a real mess...... it can only get better!

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Delighted Hands said...

You have taken on a BIG renovation , too! It is good to see progress-it will be so nice!