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Monday, 15 February 2010

My Dream Farm - Alpacas

Last night I was in Alpaca heaven, one of my favourite programmes "My Dream Farm" was following Kierti Vaidya who was setting up a small farm breeding Alpacas.

Now anyone who has read my blog in the past will know that I am "Alpaca Mad", in fact my birthday treat last year was an afternoon with a local Alpaca Breeder, where I was very much "hands on".  I loved it.

Watching the program has made me want some Alpacas more than ever.  Maybe one day....  Here is a link to her Alpaca Farm.

To anyone who has been searching for the program site and come here by mistake, you are welcome!  Use the search box on the left to find what you are looking for....

This is one of her beautiful animals, I love the colour.  If you have never knitted with wool made from Alpaca fleece, you should try it - its much softer than sheeps wool, and no lanolin, so its not greasy to work with if you are spinning.

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Delighted Hands said...

They are beautiful animals and I love spinning and wearing their fiber!