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Monday, 23 March 2009

Sunny walk by the Broads

Saturday was one of those lovely early spring days, sunny and not too chilly. We decided to go for a walk at Whitlingham which is on the outskirts of Norwich, on the other side of the city. Its had a lot of money spent on the area recently with a visitor centre and watersports centre, but we ignored all that and carried on past to the unspoilt original end.I say unspoilt, but once you have walked about a mile, you reach the Southern Bypass, a huge dual carriageway which has been built around the southern edge of Norwich (and they want to build another round the north...). It was the first time I had walked that far, and it was interesting to see how it was built. The size when you stand underneath was amazing.

By the riverside there are some lovely old cottages, along with some newer luxury versions. I thought this one was cute, really tiny.

The blossom was out (and Neil started sneezing), and although I was exhausted when we reached the car again, it was a great walk, about 3 miles in total. Of course it would have been a shorter walk but I suggested we head up the paths to the trees, and then discovered that they were old lime quarries, last used about 120 years ago and now overgrown. There is even an old lime kiln set into the cliffside. The path was much longer and steeper than I had imagined....

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"grammiepammie" said...

(first time visiting your site-very nice!) I enjoyed your descriptions of your 'walk'-I would have gone for visiting the more natural areas, also. The tiny cottage is adorable; I love the windows. Wouldn't you love to be able to spend a few days there, just relaxing and enjoying the water? Thanks for sharing;