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Sunday, 3 October 2010

Old, new, chickens and alpacas.....

The past couple of weeks have been spent emptying and tidying up the old house.  We haven't really done anything at the new house, so no new pictures to take of inside yet!

The old house is now up for sale and we had the first viewing yesterday - not heard anything back yet!  We can't do anything more to make the old house more attractive to viewers, so can now concentrate on the new house again.

We got 10 more chickens who have now settled well into the orchard with the existing "ladies".  They are not quite old enough to lay yet, but hopefully within the month we will have lots of eggs.  We can't keep up with demand at the moment.  The new ladies are 2 each of White Sussex, Silver Link, Bluebell, Speckled and Rhode Rock.  Lovely assortment of colours.  I got them from Anglia Poultry who were really helpful and friendly.

The chicken shed is having a revamp today - new roof and its being transformed into a chicken shed instead of a normal shed full of chickens.  Lets hope they like it....

And finally..... my dream of having my own alpacas came as near to true as will ever happen - my father in law bought two rather straggly boys, now named Carlos and Pedro.  They are three years old, halter trained, and getting friendlier each time I see them.  I love taking them for walks on the reins, a dream come true.

They love rolling in the straw..... cant wait for next year when I can get my hands on their lovely long fleece.

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Delighted Hands said...

How exciting-on all fronts! The chickens are so healthy looking, hope the 'old' house sells in a timely manner and the alpacas to love-wow! Happy for you!