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Monday, 6 September 2010

finally living in the house - but will we ever get sorted???

Its been a week now since we moved into the new house.  There is still much to be done, painting of the walls downstairs, tiling, kitchen cupboard doors etc, but we don't care, its fine.

Amazing how having to move clothes from one house to another can make you think again about how much "stuff" you have!  I am a hoarder, always have been, and it applied to clothing too.   Well not anymore, half of it has gone to the charity shop, and I have room in the wardrobe!

The cats are still being kept indoors, not that they seem to mind.  They have already found the best places to sleep and sunbathe, so they seem happy.   And the chickens now have the run of the whole orchard and are laying as well as ever.  They love the windfall apples.... and plums.

The bedrooms are finished now, so here is a before and after of the main room.  I will take more photos as the house is actually finished.

In the meantime its handy not having doors on the kitchen cupboards, as at least I can learn where I have put everything!  And I love my new fridge.  I was worried when I found out I needed an "under the counter" small fridge, but this one is so well designed, with sliding drawers, it actually holds more than my tall larder fridge.

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Delighted Hands said...

Oh, so exciting! I am so happy for you to be IN the house now! I agree, it is good to let the old piles get knocked back to size and it is wonderously freeing to not be owned by so much stuff! The new rooms look beautiful. Glad the animals are settling in, too.