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Saturday, 6 February 2010

My Dream Farm - Mendlesham

Last night I watched this weeks episode of "My Dream Farm" and really enjoyed it.  Amazingly it was in Mendlesham, a village in Suffolk where my Mum's family have come from for generations - I even lived there back in the early 1970's for a while.

I love watching this series, trouble is it makes me even more keen on keeping some pigs.... as well as chickens and turkeys, once we move.....

There were scenes of Monty Don driving around the village, showing its character off perfectly.  Its a beautiful village, full of a real mixture of old and new buildings.

In the program a couple, Karon and Simon, had escaped the "rat race" having been luckily left some land, and they wanted to keep pigs and set up a farmshop and gallery.  The program followed their progress over the year and by the end they had achieved a lot of what they set out to do, but with much more work for the future.

Here is a link about pigs from the program.....  I love Monty Don.....

and here is a link to their Nursery which includes lots of videos of their pigs, including the curly coated Mangalitza pigs
I feel a visit coming up soon, I just have to see those curly coated pigs, they look more like sheep..... here is a picture I found of some on the internet.

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Delighted Hands said...

Not sure about the pigs but the idea of a farm is good.