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Thursday, 30 July 2009

I should have been a farmers wife....

So finally I am updating my blog, its been such a long time...

This morning I have been collecting eggs (ok so only 2 so far today, 5 yesterday), cleaning out the chickens, and then preserving cherry plums for the winter.

The cherry plums are growing in the orchard of our new (being done up) house, and the trees are full of them. They are an unusual plum, they look like a huge cherry, but taste like a plum. They are much smaller than a plum as well. They need to be picked before they are too ripe otherwise they dont taste as nice. They do make a lovely crumble.

I've been cooking them down with nectarines (tonight's crumble for tea), with apples, and some just plums. Lots of lovely fruit in the freezer for the winter. Am I the only person who hates spending hours picking out the plum stones???

The orchard is full of apple and pear trees too, so when they are ripe I will be kept busy with those too.

Just wish there was time to knit or spin!!!!!

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Delighted Hands said...

In the past, I have done tons of canning-didn't like kitchen work but did love to eat the 'fresh' fruit in the winter! Looks lovely indeed-I have never seen cherry plums! Cool!