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Thursday, 30 April 2009

Socks..... getting there at last

After much struggling with those annoying double pointed needles, the foot of my sock is finally coming on. I thought I had been so clever choosing a pattern that was knitted on two straight needles - I missed the bit about swapping to dpn's on the foot....!!! I've never got on with dpn's before, but slowly its working.

I love the design, its from the calendar freebie from my Simply Knitting magazine. Just hope they will fit. In the photo they look grey, but they are actually a lovely brown/white mix.

They are knitted in an alpaca/blue face leicester blend, and are really soft. I've spun about 4oog of this combination now and still have lots left to do. I can just imagine a jumper knitted in it, but think I will stick to smaller projects for now.

Do other spinners find that they spin faster than they can knit, or is it just me?????

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Delighted Hands said...

No, its not just you-that is why I have taken up weaving; I can't use up the yarn I produce as fast as I spin it!!! Beautiful stuff you have going on! Ever try just one longer circular needle? I didn't get along with dpn either.