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Monday, 9 March 2009

The beautiful Norfolk Broads

Saturday afternoon was a lovely calm, almost mild afternoon so we decided to go for a walk. We are lucky enough to live within a few minutes drive from some of the Norfolk Broads which is an area of waterways, covering many miles. Every year many thousands of holidaymakers visit this area from all over the world, but of course being a local, we tend to take the lovely views for granted.....

We went to Salhouse Broad which is approx 5 miles away from home. It has a car park with local information and then a lovely tree lined walk down to the water. The path is lined by some impressive 0ak trees, many hundreds of years old. They are developed into some weird and wonderful shapes. Neil of course had to climb the tree.... big kid at heart.

The whole area around the path is soggy for most of the year and in the summer you get some wonderful dragonflies and there are always a lot of birds.

One of our favourite things is feeding the ducks (and gulls and geese in this case). They are so tame and the lovely Egyptian goose took food from our hands. You can tell they are used to
people feeding them..

And as for the Coot, I love the blue feet.

Salhouse Broad doesn't look at its best this time of year, but once the trees are green and the sun is out, its beautiful.

Even this time of year though, there is always something lovely to admire.


Delighted Hands said...

The trees look like they belong in an enchanted forest! So ancient!

Windyridge said...

Lovely pics. I am enjoying your site. I found it via my webstats and see you visited mine. I hope you found something of interest while there.